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FeLume (II)

FeLume 2 2006 The FeLume(II) is a general purpose, FIA-based, analytical system for the analysis of Fe(II), Fe(III), Cu(II), Co(II), hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide. The instrument consists of an integrated sample introduction system that provides both autosampler and sample preconcentration capabilities. The chemiluminescence detector uses an ultra-sensitive photon counting module to achieve picomolar detection of most analytes.

The entire instrument is housed in a water-tight case to facilitate transportation and use in a range of harsh field settings. The instrument is controlled using a laptop computer using wireless communication protocols allowing the analyst the flexibility of controlling the instrument from a distance of up to 30 feet away.

The modular design of the instrument allows for a high degree of flexibility in running current and future analytical methods.

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FeLume Mini

FeLume Mini Exterior The Felume Mini is a detector-only version of the FeLume instrument.

The FeLume Mini is often used for the analysis of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide in kinetics experiments where the reactivity of the analyte precludes using an autosampler and injection valve. The FeLume Mini comes with the same control software and Bluetooth wireless control allowing this unit to be upgraded to a full FeLume(II) instrument in the future. A detector only version without software is available as a backup detector for the FeLume(II) instrument.

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Superoxide Generator

Superoxide generator The superoxide generator is an integrated photochemical reactor and 1 cm analytical cell. A 10 W low pressure Hg lamp provides 256 nm light to produce superoxide from the photolysis of ketones in alkaline ethanol solutions. Orthogonal to the photolysis source, quartz optics focus a beam of light across a the quartz sample cell to quantify the superoxide concentration. A water cooled aluminum block keeps the reaction temperature constant during the photolysis step.

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Rainin Pump:Rainin Pump An eight channel peristaltic pump provides uniform flow of samples and reagents. The pump may be controlled through front panel controls or by an optional software interface.

PMT: PMT An integrated PMT module incorporating PMT detector, HV supply, and photon counting circuitry. The PMT module is controlled directly by an external computer through an RS-232 interface.

Flow Cell: WA Flow CellA solid optical glass T-cell for chemiluminescence detection. Flow channels are 1 mm deep and 2 mm wide to provide uniform sample flow in front of the PMT with minimal sample volume. The fluidics ports use 1/4-28 threads making them compatible with standard FIA fittings. The back plane of the flow cell is mirrored to improve photon collection.

Autosampler: CETAC AutosamplerThe Waterville Analytical software supports Cetac ASX-260 and ASX-520 autosamplers for sample automation.

Valves: Valco Valve The Waterville Analytical software supports up to 128 sample and injection valves allowing customers to design complex fluidic systems to meet their analytical needs.

(Photo credits for Accessories: rainin.com, hamamatsu.com, watervileanalytical.com, cetac.com, valco.com)

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